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Attorney Marshall is ready to work with you from the beginning and create the mandatory rental relief agreement so you can obtain tax credits equivalent to the amount of rents they have last per each tenant who has not paid rent. If your tenant refuses to sign the rental relief agreement then long time eviction Attorney Marshall can immediately begin the eviction process and be with you through the whole eviction lawsuit until your tenant is locked out and can be replaced by a rent paying tenant.

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Mr. Marshall  has also had a high volume eviction practice in the Superior Court Divisions in San Diego,  El Cajon,  Chula Vista and the North County.  He represents landlords, property owners, property management companies,  investors who buy foreclosed homes to quickly evict their tenants or former homeowners. Click here to learn  how long it takes to evict a tenant.

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“Daniel Marshall WINS! Fourth District Court of Appeals Case that Protects Landlord Rights When They Are Sued Or Sent Tenant Threat Letters ”

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You Cannot Reason With A Tiger With Your Head In It’s Mouth-W. Churchill. When banks are unreasonable and wrongfully foreclose on your home or property you need your own tiger litigator Attorney Daniel Marshall. He negotiates from strength because he will file wrongful foreclosure lawsuits and take banks to trial. Attorney Marshall can buy you time and get your money back from the bank.


Daniel Marshall  represents both plaintiffs and defendants based on a time honored  principle.  In the Art of War Sun Tzu wrote:  “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat “   – Enough said.Daniel Marshall has over 30 years courtroom experience as a federal and state litigator.  His focus is on representing small business owners and individuals in business and real estate litigation and also methods of litigation prevention.


Daniel Marshall can get you registered with the Secretary of State in 24 HRS.  You will save both time and money Corporations, LLC and LP or PC business entities.  This includes: Full compliance with all governmental agencies to ensure asset protection. As a litigator, he can protect the businesses he forms, and also prosecute their claims to a successful outcome.  He is your on call risk management attorney.

BUSINESS LITIGATION | When Words are Not Enough         

Because he is a litigator, Mr. Marshall knows what type of contracts and other business documents hold up in court.  He is an expert on all types of leases, Purchase and sale documents, escrow and escrow-less sales, along with Specialized documents and sales involving liquor licenses and others.  Mr. Marshall understands that in making business decisions,  legal risk is simply one important factor, and he is here to assist you along the way

TRUSTS  |  Protect and Defend 

Daniel Marshall has both a basic and advanced trust packages More importantly,  he has a comprehensive  understanding of how to preserve and protect your  estate for the benefit of yourself, your children, or other beneficiaries.   Again, as a litigator, he not only creates documents, he defends them in Court.  He helps both individuals,  couples, partners, and businesses factor in both the legal and economic reasons why they need  or do not need a trust. If they need  a trust, his broad experience guides in the selection process of what type of trust is best suited to their specific needs.


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Daniel E.Marshall Attorney at Law is  a sole proprietorship doing business as Fast Eviction Lawyer To download a free guide to Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) click below. Click HERE to Download

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Daniel Marshall represents homeowners losing their home and also landlords who may lose their rental properties due to Covid-19 or during a recession. Attorney Marshall is an experienced litigator. He can delay any foreclosure so the homeowner or landlord can get back on their feet. If your home or rental property is sold at a foreclosure sale Attorney Marshall will not abandon you. Attorney Marshall has practiced eviction law for over 20-years and can delay any lockout for years and get your money back from the bank. Call our law firm today.